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In this article, we’re going to be explaining the comprehensive ranking system score or CRS score in brief. Learning about the CRS score today could help you and your family settle in Canada in the nearest future.

The CRS or comprehensive Ranking System

The CRS or comprehensive Ranking System is used to evaluate aspirants who are interested in moving to Canada through the express entry system. Express entry is highly competitive.

Interested candidates first must build an express entry profile, then the people with the best profiles are invited to submit their applications for Canadian permanent resident status.

But how does express entry decide which profiles are best?

That is where the CRS score comes in. Express entry is a points-based system. When you submit your express entry profile, you receive a score. Out of 1200 points, this score is based on the comprehensive ranking system and it is known as your CRS score.

Every two weeks approximately, the Canadian government conducts an express entry draw. In these draws, a cutoff score is specified. And then every person with a profile who has a CRS score above the cutoff receives an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

CRS Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

So let’s talk about how those points are vested. The first set of factors under the CRS are basic personal factors…

1- Core Human Factors 500 points

There are 500 points granted for these factors and they are set for things like age, level of education, language proficiency, and Canadian work experience. As you can notice, if you apply with a spouse or partner, there is a slightly different allocation of points.

If you apply with a partner, there are 40 points that are redistributed and granted based on their level of education, language proficiency, and Canadian work experience.

2- Skills transferability factors 100 points

There are 100 points available for these factors and these are mixed points. They’re awarded for combos of skills like advanced education combined with a high level of language proficiency.

3- Aditional factors 600 points

There are 600 points available under additional factors, and these are granted for fortes like having a Canadian job offer, siblings in Canada, Canadian Education, or French language proficiency.

But by far the most lucrative type of additional points are awarded for a provincial nomination PNP. Securing a provincial nomination will grant you an additional 600 points added to your CRS score, but in order to claim those points, your PNP must be aligned with Express entry.

And there you have it. That’s the CRS score. Now we have a bunch of articles on other topics like Express entry, and PNP, so be sure you check those out.

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