Free University Courses Online With Certificate

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Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and Oxford, among others, are some of the finest universities in the world. They are hugely expensive if you do a normal program there. But they also offer a lot of free online courses with certifications.

Free University Courses Online With Certificate

Most people nowadays still think that attending a course in those schools is completely out of their rea, but they are wrong. Because more and more universities are willing to offer their courses online for free, and for them to be accessible to anyone all over the world.

And to use those Free University Courses Online, you pretty much only have to know where to look for them. Which is exactly what we will cover in this article. So if you feel like learning from some of the best experts in their field. Then make sure to check out these resources…

Coursera Free Courses Online With Certificates

Coursera is a profound online platform that offers a pack of diverse online degrees, online certificates, and online courses. Many of those are provided by both government and private universities as much as companies, so you get the best of both worlds.

Now clearly a lot of individuals come to Coursera, with the expectancy to find Free University Courses Online, and I can assure you, they won’t be disappointed.

How to look for the best Online Free Courses on Coursera?

On the Coursera website, if you click the Explore button in the top left corner you will see a drop-down menu, and the very first thing on that menu is to take a free course. If you click that button it takes you to a page where you get an outline of all the available free online courses on Coursera.

At the very top of that list, you may spot paths like machine learning from Stanford University, and the science of well-being by Yale University. Both of those courses are very popular. They have been taken by literally millions of students so far and have gained exceptional feedback.

I often like to just browse through the catalog and see if anything sparked my interest. But maybe you are a little bit more intent and in that case, I recommend that you use the filter function on the left side. Then you can filter by subject, kills, level, and other characteristics making sure that you get precisely what you’re looking for.

I also recommend that you check out the filter called instructors, where you can choose and decide from which university or organization you want to get your certification. And once you have found what you’re looking for, I promise you it. It’ll be worth it.

Free Edx Courses With Certificates

There are also other websites where you can look for Free University Courses Online. And my second favorite website is called It’s a really superb scheme that offers exclusively free content to the world and it says on the front page the website has online courses from more than 260 universities, among which is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT, and Harvard.

If you go ahead to check out all the available free university courses they offer, you’ll see that the number amounts to more than 3500 courses, all of which are entirely free.

All of these courses differ significantly in terms of duration, workload, and required skill level. But it’s really up to you to choose what you want to go for. And since the courses are online, you can of course pace yourself any way you want. It’s really entirely up to you how you schedule your workload throughout the course.

Are Edx Courses With Certificates REALLY For FREE?

Now, to be honest with you, there is a little caveat with this whole free offering and that is that you’ll actually need to pay in order to obtain a certification of you have accomplished that course.

So, there is the option to attend the path for free without a certificate or to verify your accomplishment, which costs you 169 U.S. dollars.

Both of the routes will give you full access to all the materials, but if you take the free version then at some point access to those materials expires

Free University Courses Online With Certificate

So now we have covered both Coursera and Edx, and I have to say that those are probably the best learning platforms when it comes to top-notch Free University Courses Online With certificates.

But there is yet another option that you can choose from. And there is to just simply go to the official website of the University of your interest itself and you’ll be astounded at how many of them offer free courses right through their website.

For instance, if you Google something like Harvard online courses, you will quickly see the platform created by Harvard University where they offer all of their Online courses.

It is indeed satisfying to browse through the diverse courses and see what might be interesting to learn about. And that is not only the case for Harvard, but it also goes for Stanford, Oxford, and a lot of other distinguished universities out there.


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